H. Cynthia Salamone


     Vintage jewelry has always been my passion!  My shop was named "Vallie’s" after my grandmother, who used to take me “antiq'n’" with her.  Even while I had a career and family, I would acquire vintage jewelry and other antiques, setting up booths at antique malls and selling at antique shows on weekends.

     In 2014, I decided to make the leap to having a storefront! This allowed me to be there every day to assist with customers' purchases.  My knowledge of quality, vintage jewelry as well as makers and designers also gives me the ability to help my customers in a variety of ways.  I love to complimentarily appraise and review pieces that customers are looking to move along to their next owner, and I'm also happy to answer any questions that you may have about your vintage jewelry!

     I’d love to have you visit me at 30 S. Third St. Warrenton, VA, and it doesn’t hurt that Wart Hog Brewery and Claire’s at the Depot (award-winning restaurant) are just a block away!  Tell us all about what you’re looking for or what you have for us to complimentarily appraise - no obligation!  We’re always happy to talk vintage jewelry!

          -H. Cynthia Salamone